HLTH 346 -- Preventing Violence Against Women (3) This course will provide students with an introduction to violence against women and efforts to prevent it. While violence is perpetrated against men, the focus of this course is to understand its etiology and impact against women. In this course, students will learn about types of violence against women, the health consequences of violence, as well as risk factors for both victimization and perpetration. Students will explore the efficacy of violence prevention efforts in both public health and the criminal justice systems. As warranted.
Instructor: Bonnar, Kelly

HUMAN BIOLOGY - Schreer - Winterim 2019

BIOL 107 -- Human Biology (3) ) Emphasis on cellular function, nutrition, reproduction and other aspects of the body under normal and abnormal conditions. For non-majors only. Gen Ed: SB credit. Fall and Spring.

Instructor: Schreer, Jason

@TCH ENG LNG LRNR IN MASTRM CL - Stiles - Winterim 2019

GRED 545 -- @Teaching The English Langage Learner in The Mainstream Classroom (3) This course provides K-12 educators learning and teaching strategies to enhance lesson development and effective instructional practices in order to foster English language development and ensure the English language learner success in the mainstream classroom.
Instructor: Stiles, Joanne

FILM FOUNDATIONS - Blank - Winterim 2019

COMM 120 -- Film Foundations (3) An introductory course that looks at aspects of film history, criticism and production. It provides an overview of the moving picture as both popular culture and serious art form, and looks at its various elements. Students will have a chance to view and critique films and to participate in a creative project related to filmmaking. Yearly. Gen Ed: AC credit. Cross listed with LITR 120.
Instructor: Blank, Angelina

EUROPE SINCE 1500 - Clark - Winterim 2019

HIST 110 -- Europe since 1500 (3) This hybrid course is a comprehensive, thematically organized overview of European history from the sixteenth century to the present. It is designed to meet the needs of students in the General Education Program. Gen Ed: WC credit.
Instructor: Clark, Geoffrey

THE MUSIC OF THE BEATLES - Rubio - Winterim 2019

MUCH 340 -- The Music of the Beatles (3) An in-depth exploration of the music, lives, and times of the Beatles. Songs will be analyzed and discussed in terms of musical style and structure, lyric content, compositional process, and technological innovation. The course will also examine the historical and cultural environment in which their music was created, and how this environment influenced, and was influenced by, the Beatles.

Instructor: Rubio, Douglas


ECON 110 -- Principles of Macroeconomics (3) This course focuses on government finance, money and banking, income and employment, international economics and growth theories. Students need not take ECON 105 and 110 in sequence. Gen Ed: SA credit. Fall and Spring.
Instructor: Semenova, Alla