SCHOOL HEALTH (CA, SAVE, DASA) - Wentworth - Spring 2022

HLTH 230 -- School Health (CA, SAVE, DASA) (3) This course will cover the nature, etiology and prevention of the most common childhood health concerns (e.g., diseases, injuries, etc.) and of the behavioral risk factors for adolescents identified by the Centers for Disease Control. Some of the topics to be covered include signs of child maltreatment and child maltreatment reporting requirements; signs warning of violent behavior in students, harassment and bullying, regulations related to providing a safe, nonviolent school climate, strategies for promoting a nonviolent school climate (including development of students' social and problem-solving skills) and strategies for intervening appropriately with students exhibiting or at risk of engaging in violent behavior; fire safety and prevention, arson prevention, drug abuse prevention and child abduction prevention. The course will review the components of coordinated school health programs and current health education standards. Students will also discuss health-related challenges and controversies currently facing schools. Students enrolled in teacher education programs only. Fall and Spring. Also typically offered during Winter and Summer sessions.
Instructor: Wentworth, Carla